Baby Animals: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mark Boster
All life starts out small. Cats begin as kittens, dogs begin as puppies, and even you began as a baby. Some baby animals have funny names that have been given to them. In this lesson, you will learn more about animal babies' names.

In the Car

Maybe you go on vacations sometimes, or just take a drive to leave the city. As you are riding down the road, you might see some cows in a field with their babies. Are they called 'cow babies'? Of course not, they are called calves!

Let's use the phrase 'baby names' to help us find more names for baby animals.


Bat. We know some things about bats. For instance, some live in caves, and some hang from trees or any other place they can find to hang. Bats use sonar to find food. But what else is interesting is baby bats are called 'pups'. Really! They don't look anything like dogs, but they are stilled called 'pups.'


Anteater. Many people think anteaters and aardvarks are the same, but they aren't. Anteaters have more fur than aardvarks, and a baby aardvark is called a 'calf' while a baby anteater is called a 'pup,' just like bats.

Bat and Anteater


Beaver. Okay, get ready - beaver babies are called 'pups,' too. We know that beavers have flat tails, chew down trees and make dams. Now we know what their babies are called.


Yak. Since yaks sort of look like big furry overgrown bulls that need a haircut, let's think about when cows and bulls have a baby. That baby would be called a calf. Yep, baby yaks are called calves, too. (Calves is the plural of calf.)

Beaver and Yak

Okay, so far we have spelled out 'baby', now let's spell out 'names'. Some of these names are interesting and even funny.


Newt. Newts and salamanders are not the same. They sometimes look pretty much alike, but if you were to study newts, you would learn that, for some reason, a baby newt is called an 'eft.' You probably don't use that word very much, but it does come up in many crossword puzzles.


Alligator. Alligators and crocodiles look pretty much the same. But if you look at their snouts, you can see that crocodiles have a 'v' shaped head and alligators have more of a 'u' shaped head.

Well, they are alike enough for baby alligators and baby crocodiles to both be called 'hatchlings'. That's probably because they 'hatch' out of eggs.

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