Bahamas Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the Bahamas? In this lesson, take a virtual field trip to this island country and learn about its government, culture, and special features.

The Bahama Islands

Let's hop on a virtual plane and head southeast from Florida to the island country of the Bahamas. This country consists of over 700 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country famous for beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, so many people visit annually. The capital is Nassau, and other cities like Freeport and Half Moon Cay are popular port cities for vacationers taking cruises around the islands.

Hundreds of islands in the Atlantic Ocean make up the country of the Bahamas.
Bahama Islands map

History and Government

We often think that Christopher Columbus landed in what is now our country of America in 1492. However, did you know that his ship really landed in the Bahamas? So you would think Spain would have decided to own and rule these islands, right? That's not what happened. In fact, the islands remained home to only their natives until the mid-1600s, when England colonized the country. The Bahamas became a Commonwealth nation of England in 1973, which means it is still under the rule of the English Queen Elizabeth II.


Island culture is often viewed as laid back and relaxed. And for vacationers this may be true! But the people who live in the Bahamas work hard and have a distinct culture. Many of the people who live in this island country are descendants, or family members, of Africans who were taken from their homes to work as slaves in the New World.

Religion is an important way of life in the Bahamas. Most people practice Christianity, and it is even a required and tested subject in school.

In the Bahamas, students study and are tested on Christianity.
Students in the Bahamas

Many people love to play sports in the Bahamas. Cricket is the national sport, but residents also enjoy swimming, basketball and tennis. The warm climate means there is never a winter in the Bahamas, so people can play outdoor sports all year long. Many families participate in regattas, which are boat races where people compete using usually row or sailboats.

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