Bald Eagle Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Lisa Hanson

Lisa is a Continuous Improvement Coach for her school district and has taught in elementary school for many years. She has a master's degree in curriculum and instruction.

Bald eagles are the beautiful birds that are the symbol of our country. In this lesson, you will learn more about the habitat, diet, nesting and breeding patterns of this majestic bird.

Bald Eagle Features

If you flip over some American quarters to the tail's side, you will notice a bald eagle. The bald eagle was chosen to be The United States of America's national symbol way back in 1782. Believe it or not, bald eagles are not actually bald. Bald eagles are identified by their white head of feathers and dark brown bodies. Their talons and beaks are yellow. They are easy to spot in the sky.

These mighty creatures grow to be around three feet tall, and their wing spans reach six to eight feet across. That makes these birds larger than a small child. While they are large in size, they are light weight. Bald eagles only weigh 10-14 pounds.

Bald Eagles are tall, mighty creatures.
Bald Eagle


Bald eagles are only found in North America. You can see them in Canada, the United States, and parts of Mexico. They usually nest in forested areas near water. You will see them soaring over lakes, rivers, coasts, and other bodies of water. Some bald eagles can also be found in mountainous areas.

Diet and Eating Habits

Bald eagles are both scavengers and predators. Scavengers are animals that eat dead plants and animals. Bald eagles will feed on anything they can find including dead fish, food other animals have left behind, and even garbage. They also are more than willing to steal another animal's prey right from their mouths or talons. Bald eagles are also considered predators, or animals that hunt. Their most common food is fish, but they have also swooped down to catch crabs, small mammals, and other birds. Bald eagles are capable of eating a lot at once and then going days without eating again.

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