Behavior Chart Template

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

A good behavior chart can make all the difference in helping students understand what is expected of them. This lesson provides a template for a behavior chart you can use in school.

Using Behavior Charts

As teachers, we often spend a lot of time thinking about what we can do to help our students learn appropriate behavior. Sometimes, it is enough to just have a clear set of rules and expectations. However, when we really want to help students modify their behaviors, sometimes we need to take concrete steps toward teaching them what is appropriate or expected.

One way to help students modify their behavior is by using a behavior chart. There are many different approaches to behavior charts, but they all operate based on the same premises. A behavior chart delineates specific goals or target behaviors. Then it stipulates a particular time frame for showing the expected behavior, and it offers a reward of some sort to students who achieve their goals.

Behavior charts can be used for individual students, small groups, or for a whole class. The key is to be as specific as you can in describing the target behavior, and start with achievable timeframes and goals. Once your students become used to the structure of a behavior chart, you can make it more complex or add on new target behaviors.

A behavior chart can involve blank spaces that you fill with simple check marks, or you can use more interesting demarcations like stars, stickers, or happy faces. Involve your students in the creation of your behavior chart so that they will feel a sense of ownership over their goals.

The behavior chart in this lesson provides a template for how you can create charts for your students, but you will want to modify it to meet the needs and goals of the students in your class.

Behavior Chart Template


It is important to put a heading on your students' behavior chart. A simple title like 'Joey's Behavior Chart' will suffice, or you can get more creative and cute with headings as well. The date or dates can also be part of this heading.

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