Behavior Intervention Plan: Definition & Strategies

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jocelyn Cherry

Jocelyn has taught Special Education for over two decades and has three post secondary degrees all in the field of Education.

A behavior intervention plan (BIP) is a plan created based on information from a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). Let's dissect the anatomy of a behavior intervention plan: the definition, roots of behavior, and a review of effective strategies that will leave you cool, confident, and capable in the classroom.

Behavioral Intervention Plan

As a preteen and teenager, I was a bad student. Or at least that is what I heard teachers whisper about me. I was a bully - a student with no promise and no future, headed for disaster. I did whatever I could to disrupt the class or learning environment. I taunted others, questioned the teachers mercilessly, and ignored administration. I did all I could do until I was excused from class and placed in time-out with the dean of students. In time-out, a quiet room free of academic expectations, I could do my favorite activity without interruption for hours on end. Read.

Thankfully, I was able to complete high school and flourish. I am a wife, mother, teacher, and have earned four college degrees. While it took me until I was 19 to straighten out, I never had a behavior intervention plan (or BIP), which is an individualized plan created for targeting a specific problem behavior. These plans contain intervention strategies that are used to address problem behaviors in the classroom, the rewards for positive behavior, behavior goals to be reached, progress monitoring details, and a date for review. So, how might a BIP have changed my behavior?

So, going back to my youth, what was my behavior? What do you think about when you hear the word? Behavior is the way in which a person acts or conducts oneself towards others. Not all behavior is outwardly visible. The tendency is to think of behavior that is non-compliant, physically aggressive, or off-task. Behavior could also be inward, such as refusing to respond, sleeping in class, or refusing to participate in the learning process.

Behavior really has four primary functions:

  1. Sensory: The behavior feels good or meets a sensory need.
  2. Tangible: To receive a specific item or activity.
  3. Escape: Avoidance; to be free from a task, from a person or group, the environment, etc.
  4. Attention: To receive attention from peers or adults.

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