Behavior Self-Assessment for Elementary Students

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Helping students assess their own behavior is a great way to move them toward independence. This lesson offers a checklist that you can use to make your elementary aged students more aware of their own behavior.

The Benefits of Self-Assessment

Have you felt like you take too much responsibility for your students' behavior? Maybe they tend to misbehave, and you feel like you spend the whole day correcting them or telling them what they are doing wrong. On the other hand, maybe they are well behaved, but it just feels like they are relying on you to regulate them. One thing you can do to shake this situation up is to include more opportunities for self-assessment. When students can self-assess their own behavior, they often feel pride and a sense of independence and confidence. Moreover, students who understand what they are doing right and wrong will be less reluctant to accept consequences when they arise. Finally, self-assessment helps take some of the onus off of you for constantly monitoring behavior, freeing you up to focus on your students' academic, social, and emotional development.

The behavior assessment checklist that follows is designed for use with elementary aged students. You can modify the checklist to meet your students' ages, needs, and abilities as well as the specific demands of your classroom environment.

Behavior Self-Assessment Checklist

In the Classroom

Check off the following items if you feel they are true about your behavior in the classroom today.

  • I listened to the teacher's directions while they were being given.
  • I worked independently to the best of my ability during independent work times.
  • I took care of my own belongings in the classroom.
  • I was respectful, careful, and tidy with school and classroom materials.
  • I was kind and friendly toward my classmates throughout the day.
  • I raised my hand to share questions or comments when I had them.
  • I listened quietly when my classmates were sharing or asking questions.
  • I kept my hands to myself during work times and meeting times.
  • I offered honest answers when people asked me questions.
  • I interacted respectfully with all of the adults in our classroom throughout the day.
  • I completed all of my classroom jobs to the best of my ability.

In Specials

Check off the following items if you feel they are true about your behavior in specials today.

  • I listened to my specialist's directions when they were being given.
  • I participated actively in class to the best of my ability.
  • I interacted respectfully with my classmates during specials.
  • I stayed quiet and listened when others were talking during specials.
  • I raised my hands when I had comments or questions to share during specials.
  • I took good care of the specialist's classroom and materials.
  • I transitioned out of specials willingly when it was time to return to my classroom.

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