Being an Effective Call Center Agent

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

There are plenty of things agents can do to contribute positively to a call center environment. In this lesson, we'll focus on some of the important skills and qualities effective call center agents possess.

The Right Fit for the Job

Tori grew tired of her current job and started looking for a new career. After noticing a few companies looking for work-from-home call center agents, she decided to apply and was hired. The idea of working remotely appealed to her, and she thought she possessed many of the qualities that would make her a good fit for such a position. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at some of the qualities that effective call center agents possess.

Call Center Agent Qualities

Working in a call center requires a particular set of skills to ensure that an employee's a good fit for the role of an agent. To be successful in her new job, Tori should ensure that she displays the following qualities:

1. Be knowledgeable.

The more you know about your company and their products, services, and policies, the more you'll be able to efficiently help customers who call.

2. Be focused on the details.

Staying on the phone all day while answering many of the same questions over and over can become tedious. Tedium can lead to complacency. Staying focused on each detail of every call can help ensure you remain accurate and efficient.

3. Be organized.

Working as a call center agent requires individuals to frequently multi-task. You may need to carry on small talk with a customer while checking your company's knowledge base and inputting data into a computer - all at the same time.

4. Be flexible.

Not every problem nor every customer will be the same. Being flexible in handling both issues and personalities can be beneficial to a successful career. It can also help in scheduling since you may be asked to work an overnight shift or a weekend.

5. Be friendly.

Have you ever called someone only to be greeted by an agent who seemed to be having a bad day? You can tell over the phone when someone is impatient, aggravated, or not personable. Be friendly to everyone who calls: in fact, smiling while answering a call can help not only your mood but also how you're perceived by the caller.

6. Be empathetic.

When you can put yourself in your customer's shoes and empathize with their situation, you also put yourself in a situation to come up with the best solution. Understanding your customers' concerns will also put them at ease.

7. Be calm.

Not every call nor every caller will be a pleasant one. Staying calm, keeping your tone even, and diffusing a volatile situation are all vitally important components of dealing with the public in a call center. Remember, patience is a virtue!

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