Bell Ringer Activities for Computer Classes

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Students are often excited to come into computer class, but they might need some help getting into the right frame of mind. These bell ringer activities will help with transitions and management.

Bell Ringers and Computer Class

As your school's computer or technology teacher, you play a very special role. Most students are excited to be allowed to work with technology and relish their time in your classroom. At the same time, you are in charge of a lot of different, and sometimes expensive, technology, and you need to make sure your time and space run smoothly.

Sometimes, the hardest time of the day is a transitional period. As a specialist, you have to deal with students coming into and out of your classroom all the time. A bell ringer activity is something students can do while they settle in. A strong bell ringer helps your students get into the right frame of mind for class, and it also helps them keep busy and engaged while you take attendance, answer any questions, collect homework, and take care of any other transitional tasks.

Word Processing Bell Ringers

Some of the best and easiest bell ringer activities you will use in a computer class have students write in a word processing program. These prompts and activities will get students practicing their typing skills and regaining facility with the program.

  • Younger students can practice typing a sentence that you have written on the board, or they can practice typing their name multiple times.
  • Ask students to write something about their day so far. You can ask them to describe something good that has happened, something bad that has happened, and something they have learned today. Encourage them to edit their writing as they go along for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Have students write you a letter with questions, hopes or dreams regarding what they will get to do in your class. They might have technology-specific questions or things they hope they get to work on pertaining to computers. These letters will give you some insight into your students' goals and wishes!
  • Ask students to type you a memo reminding you what they learned during their last session in your classroom. They should describe your last class period together in as much detail as they can recall, and they should ask any lingering questions about the topics you covered. This activity also functions as a good, quick assessment of what students remember.
  • Have your students type a description of a place where they feel safe. They should tell you what the place is, what it looks, sounds and feels like, and what they get to do there. Students will appreciate the interest you are taking in their life outside of your classroom.
  • Ask students to type a list of one to three rules for safety when using computers or the internet. Their lists can offer a good segue into a discussion about class rules, regulations and safety procedures.

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