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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Amber Dixon

Amber works with graduate students enrolled in a virtual program and has a Master's of Social Work degree.

This lesson will discuss customer experience management and the process between a customer and a company. We will review how it is important to improving customer satisfaction in call center customer service.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management (CEM) is the process of creating and responding to customer interactions in order to satisfy customer needs and ultimately result in customer satisfaction with services and loyalty to the company. It requires obtaining information and gaining insight into the customer values, interests, needs, perceptions, and influences. There are many benefits to using CEM in call center settings. These include benefits to the customers and to the business.

Benefits for Customers

Call center staff display excellent customer services skills when going above and beyond to meet or exceed the customer's expectations. CEM allows call center staff to quickly pull up information before answering incoming calls and the ability to personalize the phone call by recognizing the customer's history of transactions and incorporating those details into the conversation. An approach that is personalized will lead customers to feel that a company understands what they want.

Let's look at an example. Marcy was booking a family vacation and chose a travel planning company that she had used previously for business. Marcy was glad to be able to book her trip quickly by verifying brief information with the representative. From that point forward, the representative already knew Marcy's city where she would be departing from and asked if she wanted to stay with the same hotel brand that she previously selected. Marcy could not believe after answering only a few questions her trip was booked.

Marcy is used to having to input her membership number multiple times in the automated system before her identity is verified. She is also used to having to tell the representative her home phone number and home address before she can move forward with a purchase. The customer experience management that the representative was using made access for Marcy effortless, and the efficiency of the representative from start to finish far exceeded the amount of time that Marcy anticipated.

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