Benefits of Effective Environmental Management in Businesses

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Businesses have to determine the best ways to manage environmental issues. In this lesson, we will discuss the benefits of environmental management and how effective environmental management makes firms more competitive.

What Is Environmental Management?

What motivates companies to embrace the protection of the environment? For many, it's the added benefits that lead to a company succeeding in the competitive marketplace. For others, it is the ethical code of protecting the earth and its inhabitants.

Pear Products is going to demonstrate how businesses can best manage environmental issues and how effective management makes a firm more competitive. Environmental management is a systematic strategy that companies can use to find different ways for saving water, energy, and materials, and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Managing Environmental Issues

The best way Pear Products manages environmental issues is to make sure their environmental ideas align with the company's overall business strategy. Companies should research environmental issues and conduct audits to determine which ones need the most attention.

One of the best ways Pear Products manages their environmental issues is by lowering overall costs through environmental strategies, such as recycling and energy conservation and processes. For example, Pear Products saves over $30,000 a quarter just on the recycling of materials, such as paper and plastic from their production process.

Pear Products also stresses the integration of environmental ideas as part of their overall corporate image. This helps them establish a good corporate image through aggressive environmental actions, such as their collection of all used technology products. The company will pay for all shipping for consumers to ship their old products back for recycling or send them a local address for larger bulk items.

Pear Products follows through on their environmental beliefs with their workforce as well. The company ensures comfortable and safe working environments for all of their employees. Every factory is built with the employees' utmost safety in mind to include state-of-the-art protection against the chemicals used in the production process.

In addition, Pear Products manages their environmental issues through their excellent working relationships with the community by having town meetings to proactively discover any potential environmental threats, such as contamination caused by their factory outputs.

Lastly, Pear Products has established as part of their corporate objectives the need to follow an ethical code to self-regulate in order to protect the environment through proactive action. For example, Pear recently moved to wind power for their facilities and electric cars for all of their employees.

Environmental Management Business Advantage

Environmental management can make firms more effective in many ways. One of the biggest ways Pear Products can be more competitive is through enormous cost savings. These are achieved by having systems in place that reduce pollution and hazardous waste.

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