Benefits of Email Marketing

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Technology has changed the way companies market to their customers. No longer do companies have to resort to traditional marketing methods. This lesson will discuss the benefits of email marketing.

Email Marketing

Pam is the owner of a local bakery, Pam's Cakes. She specializes in special occasion cakes such as wedding cakes and birthday cakes. She realizes the need for increased marketing in order to attract new customers.

Technology has changed the way small business owners and companies market their products. Customers are constantly connected through the Internet with email, social media, and apps. In order to reach customers companies have to use the technology to stay in touch. Email marketing is a way to direct market to a targeted group of people through email. Many companies use email marketing to reach their customers. For example, Pam can start asking her customers for their email addresses to build an email base. Then she can send out promotions to her customers through email. Some examples include coupons, sales, customer birthday specials, and so on. This lesson will discuss the benefits of email marketing.

Reduced Time & Costs

If Pam wanted to put together a marketing campaign that included printed material, think about the time and costs associated with that type of marketing. If Pam wanted to send out mailers that featured her bakery she would have to go through the process of creating the mailer and making revisions, waiting for the mailer to be created, and then the process of sending out the mailer. From the time she started the project until the time the customer received the mailer it could be weeks.

Pam realizes that National Cake Day is right around the corner and she does not have time to promote it with traditional marketing tactics due to the time they take to create. Instead, she can create an email promotion for National Cake Day and send it out within a day. It still takes time to develop and proof but once ready it can reach the customers in an instant. The traditional print marketing options also cost more money than email marketing. Companies typically use a company to produce the print materials and then the company has to pay for postage as well. A company might have to buy email marketing software, but essentially, email marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing tactics.

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