Benefits of Team Emotional Intelligence

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  • 0:02 What Is Teamwork?
  • 0:30 Emotional Intelligence Defined
  • 1:48 Relationship Between the Two
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rebekiah Hill

Rebekiah has taught college accounting and has a master's in both management and business.

Teams - they are everywhere. You have them at work, at home, at school, and at play. In this lesson, you are going to learn about a vital component of teams; it is called emotional intelligence.

What Is Teamwork?

How many times have you heard the word teamwork at your job? Probably quite a few, right? The concept of teamwork has become commonplace in the working world. It describes people working together for a common goal.

What is it that makes people able to work together and be part of a team? Is it skills, choices, and abilities? Well sure, they all play a part, but the major reason that people are able to work together has to do with emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Defined

What exactly is emotional intelligence? Dr. Daniel Goleman, a world-renown psychologist, lecturer, and author on the concept of emotional intelligence, defines it as 'managing feelings so that they are expressed appropriately and effectively, enabling people to work together smoothly towards their common goals.' That sounds like a pretty classic definition, right? Well, let's put it into a simpler perspective.

In reality, the bulk of emotional intelligence consists of two things: feelings and communication. Feelings are our emotions. They are how we feel, whether it be happy, sad, hurt, loved, angry, or anything else. We all have feelings. Communication is the way that we express those feelings. Do we scream and yell? Do we never say anything at all? Do we calmly speak? Do we listen to what others have to say? Do we not?

All of those questions describe emotional intelligence and bring to light the fact that no two people feel the same way or communicate their emotions the same way all the time. People with higher levels of emotional intelligence are able to understand how they feel, process those feelings, and communicate those feelings in an appropriate manner. They are also able to pick up on how others are feeling and respond to them effectively.

Relationship Between the Two

So how are teamwork and emotional intelligence related? Emotional intelligence is a vital part of the team concept. Since teamwork requires that a group of individuals work together, then you can bet feelings will be involved, as will the ability to communicate those feelings.

One team member may have an idea of how they believe a job should be done, while another has a totally different idea. What happens if these two team members don't possess a high degree of emotional intelligence and aren't able to communicate their ideas to one another as well as the other members of the team? More than likely, an argument will ensue, causing a delay in getting the work done and possibly costing the business owner money.

What if they did possess a high level of emotional intelligence? Then the outcome would have been much different. They would have been able to communicate their ideas effectively with each other and the team, and the team could decide which one to use. This would increase productivity and decrease cost in the long run.

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