Big Data in Marketing: Analytics & Examples

Instructor: Kaitlin Oglesby
If any part of a company wants to get its hands on big data, chances are it is the marketing department. In this lesson we see just how companies put big data to use.

Big Data in Marketing

If there is one practice area that companies are always interested in finding the latest innovation, it is marketing. Just look at how much social media marketing has taken off, despite the fact that social media has only been around in its current form for a few years. Therefore, it is no real surprise that big data has found a number of uses in marketing. But what are these uses? And what makes it so useful to begin with? In this lesson, we'll answer those questions.

Why is it Useful?

Remember that for marketers, the most important action is putting as much pertinent information into a potential customer's hands as possible. Big data lets marketers take a two-fold approach in doing this. First of all, they can evaluate exactly what data is worth a potential client having, and do this on a very personalized level. Despite the fact that big data does not focus on personal information, it is still possible to build a pretty complete composite about someone from big data. For example, if a company is looking to advertise its new line of olive oils, knowing that a certain neighborhood has a lot of people who buy other elements of the so-called Mediterranean diet, like fresh fish and garlic, could be beneficial. To some degree, this is profiling, and if you're starting to feel that your privacy is being invaded, you are not alone.

Additionally, big data also allows companies to make their pitches much more customized. Let's say that a TV station is using big data to make its pitch about its latest lineup of shows. Traditional marketing would devote about the same resources for each show to each part of a TV station's market. However, use of big data could indicate which neighborhoods have more children, thus indicating an increase in advertising for cartoons, or which neighborhoods have more twenty-somethings, which could lend itself more to action or reality shows.

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