Biographical Poem Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jason Brunken

Jason is a certified teacher with a Masters in Educational Technology and over 12 years of classroom teaching experience.

Writing poetry can be a fun and rewarding experience, and there are so many types of poems you can learn. Learn how to capture the essence and identity of your favorite (or not so favorite) people in a biographical poem.

What is a Biographical Poem?

What makes a poem a poem? Is it rhyme? Is it the placement of the words? A poem is sharing how you feel about a topic with the fewest but best words possible in an interesting style.

A magic formula to remember how to create poems
A magic formula to use to remember how to create poems

Poems come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: expression. Poems often do a better job than narratives and other types of writing at shouting (or whimpering) feelings from the page to a reader.

I am the love found within souls lost and in ?

While poems share how you feel about a topic, a biography is the story of someone's life, including the important facts and events to help us understand how they lived. Have you ever read a story of George Washington's life? That was a biography.

So what is a biographical poem? In case you haven't guessed, it's a person's biography written in a poetic style.

Biographical Poems

Using a poetic style means that the focus of the biography must shift from the events of a person's life to the essence of their life. Essence is a word that means the true nature or character of a person. If you had to choose one word to describe George Washington, what would it be? Do commander, inspiration, or leader come to mind? That word would be the essence of President Washington's life in your mind. A biographical poem expresses and celebrates someone's essence and identity.

Biographical poems must also express feeling about the subject's life. It is not a dry report about the facts but a celebration, praise, or criticism of his or her life. How do you feel about George Washington? If you can answer that question you are on your way to writing a biographical poem about him.

Writing a Biographical Poem

While you can write a biographical poem many different ways. This is an easy model to follow when writing your first biographical poem. Remember, a poem uses well-chosen words (like figurative speech and rhyme) to express emotion about a topic, and the topic is always about someone's life whether it's yours or George Washington's.

I Am Poem

I Am Poems are one kind of biographical poem. Use the template below to write an I Am Poem of your own about your hero, a famous person, or even yourself.

First line: My name is ________.

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