Biography Project Ideas for High School

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has taught high school history in several states with a master's degree in teaching.

Learning about important figures from the past can be both informative and inspiring. There is a place for biographies or personal histories in almost every high school subject curriculum.


Every subject we study in school was influenced by novel thinkers, activists, and scholars who made noteworthy contributions to the academic world. Although we often think of biographies as relating to language arts or history, biography projects can easily be incorporated into any school subject. These projects are intended for high school students and will be completed on an individual basis. Students benefit from biography projects because as they dive deeper into one person's life they can discover how, at their core, that person may not be so different from them! Choose the one that works best for your class, or allow students to have their choice from the following options. Although these options will appeal to visual and art-oriented students, they could be adapted to utilize technology for those who are interested in using that option (such as being done using presentation software, drawing programs or video production software).

''Life Size'' Biographies

This project meets the learning needs of the artistic and visually-oriented students in your classroom. Students will pick their person from a list (there should be enough people so that every student can have a different person) and research the life of the person. Then, students will research important details about the person's life (see bulleted list below). After conducting their research, students will draw the outline of a person on poster board or bulletin board paper. They will ''decorate'' the body with the research they collected:

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