Biological Anthropology Essay Topics

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

Anthropology is a fascinating topic for students to explore for both its historical significance and its modern relevance. This lesson provides teachers with essay topics related to biological anthropology.

Anthropology - Biology Style

Biological anthropology, also called physical anthropology, can be an insightful topic for students to research and write about. The essay topics in this lesson can help to reinforce the knowledge of biological anthropology your students have already gained in class. Ideally, these essay topics will help students further explore the concepts and impacts of this subject.

Make sure you modify, edit, or combine the topics as needed in order to meet your needs and the abilities of your learners.

Biological Anthropology - Past & Present

  • In an essay, explore the meaning of biological anthropology and how it is used by different fields of science to explain and interpret human evolution.
  • Write an essay in which you explain how primatologists use biological anthropology to better understand the evolutionary development of primates and what insights their findings contribute to our understanding of human evolution.
  • In an essay, explore how paleoanthropology uses the fossil record to draw biological anthropology comparisons and conclusions regarding human evolution.
  • Hoes does biological anthropology explain the development of human social structures and behaviors?
  • Write an essay in which you explain how the study of modern humans provides scientists with the ability to draw insights and conclusions from a biological anthropology perspective.
  • Write an essay in which you identify some of the primary geographical locations biological anthropologists conduct their work and why these locations are so important for understanding human evolution.
  • In an essay, explore the connections between biological anthropology and the social sciences. As part of your writing, be sure to include how these two scientific disciplines complement each other.
  • Write an essay in which you identify some of the key individuals who have advanced the scientific discipline of biological anthropology. In your writing, be sure to identify the specific contributions these individuals made to the field.
  • In an essay, explore the relationship between biological anthropology and the development of human language and communication.
  • How does biological anthropology explain the behavior of modern humans? Specifically, what is the connection between biological and cultural influences on human behavior when viewed from a biological anthropology point of view?

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