Biome Project Ideas for High School

Instructor: Kristen Goode

Kristen has been an educator for 25+ years - as a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and a university instructor. She holds a doctorate in Education Leadership.

High school students are better able to make connections when actively engaged in the learning process. In this lesson plan, students will be actively engaged in projects while learning about different biomes.

Learning About Different Biomes

Students will study different biomes throughout their educational career and making the information stick is important, especially at the high school level. One way to do this is to involve students in a variety of biome related projects. The projects below have been developed for this purpose and are intended for use with high school students studying the different biomes of our planet.

Create the Environment

Materials: access to a computer to create Prezi presentation, crafting and decorating supplies (as determined by student need)

  • Begin by dividing students into 4-5 different groups.
  • Assign each group a different biome to study. Consider including:
    • Marine Biome
    • Desert Biome
    • Tundra Biome
    • Savanna Biome
    • Taiga Biome
    • Rainforest Biome
  • Instruct each group to research their assigned biome. Have them look at different aspects, including (but not limited to):
    • Climate and weather
    • Animals
    • Vegetation
    • Threats to the biome
    • Location on the planet
  • Next, have each group create a Prezi presentation (or something similar) about their biome (taking care to cover all of the necessary aspects).
  • Arrange for each group to be able to present their Prezi to the class on different days.
  • On the day of their presentation, allow each group to come to class early and decorate the room so as to create an environment representative of the biome they will present to the class. Encourage use of bulletin board paper and/or fabric along with pictures, stuffed animals, and anything else they find useful in making the room look as if it were in their respective biome.

Comparing Dioramas

Materials: boxes and artifacts for use in creating a diorama, poster board, markers

  • Put students into an even number of groups.
  • Assign each group a different biome. Consider the same biomes used in the ''Learning About Different Biomes'' activity.
  • Instruct each group to begin by creating a diorama representing what might be a scene out of their assigned biome. Dioramas must visually portray:
    • Appearance of the landscape
    • Animals of the biome
    • Plants and trees of the biome
    • Climate and weather
  • Once their dioramas are complete, pair the groups up.
  • Once paired, allow time for the groups to discuss and compare their respective biomes.
  • Give each pair a piece of poster board and markers.
  • Instruct students to come up with a way to visually compare and contrast their two biomes (such as a chart or Venn diagram). Encourage creativity.
  • Once complete, have each pair present their biome dioramas and their visual comparisons to the class.

Journal of Survival

This project can be adapted for use while studying any biome.

Materials: writing paper and colored pencils and/or access to computer writing program, computer access for research

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