Biomedical Engineering Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Emily Lockhart

Emily has taught science and has a master's degree in education.

This lesson discusses the field of biomedical engineering. We will look at the definition and some examples of biomedical engineering as well as the future of the field.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

If you know someone who has been sick or hurt, you know that they probably counted on doctors and nurses to make them feel better. However, those same doctors and nurses who help people actually depend on a field called biomedical engineering for help. The goal of this field is to create machines, devices and other technologies that can be used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to help people feel better.

Workers in the field of biomedical engineering are called bioengineers. They use subjects like science and math to help them solve health problems and make their creations.

Two Artificial Limbs

Examples of Biomedical Engineering

Bioengineers have created lots of different technologies so far. You've probably even seen or heard about at least one of them in action! Let's read about some common technologies used today.

  • X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds take pictures of the inside of your body so doctors can see exactly what is going on when you have a problem.
  • Artificial limbs help people who have lost arms or legs. They're just like real limbs, but are made with materials like plastic and metal.
  • Metal pins are put in the body to hold bones and muscles in place when they're damaged.
  • Dentures are artificial teeth that help people who have lost theirs.
  • Pacemakers are small machines that go inside the heart to help it beat correctly when it has rhythm problems.

There are lots of other technologies used in healthcare that have been created from biomedical engineering. For example, if you have ever had your blood drawn, the machines that test it were made by bioengineers. If you have ever known someone who needed physical therapy, the equipment they used was probably designed by bioengineers. Basically, anything that helps doctors and nurses solve health problems was created as a result of biomedical engineering.

Hip Replaced with Artificial Parts

Future of Biomedical Engineering

With all the technologies that have been created, you may think that there couldn't possibly be anything left! However, as long as people have health problems, bioengineers will work hard to discover and create the latest and best ways to fix people.

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