Bird Migration Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Jon Hadley

Mary Jon has taught in an elementary school for nine years, and am currently working on my doctorate in curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Have you ever thought about how birds survive in the wild? How do they get the food they need? What do they do when it gets too cold? Well, birds cannot shop for their food, or wear coats like we do, so they must migrate to meet their needs.

Hey, Birds! Why Do You Migrate?

Migrating Ducks
Migrating Ducks

Birds migrate for several reasons. Migration is a necessary part of the survival of many types of birds. During the winter, there is not enough food to sustain the many bird populations that depend on a constant supply of a variety of foods. This lets birds know it is time to move on, or migrate, to another area that can meet their needs. During the winter, birds migrate south, and in the spring they return to the north where the weather has changed from cold to warm. The warmer weather in the spring means there will now be enough food for the birds.

Do you know how you feel when you're hungry? What if you went to the grocery store and there was no food for you to buy? Would you just wait for food to arrive, when you have no idea when that might be? Or, would you go to a different grocery store to get the food you need? Migrating birds are just going to a different grocery store to meet their needs, just like you would. Except their grocery store is nature. Nature depends on warm weather to grow food for the animals that need it, and in the winter there is not much food available in the north.

Hungry Offspring
Hungry Offspring

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