Birthday Social Stories

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Birthdays can be wonderful and exciting times, but they can also come with their share of stress. These social stories will help your students communicate about and understand birthdays.

Social Stories for Birthdays

Social stories offer scripted language that helps students understand what to expect from particular scenarios, what language they can use to describe and understand what is happening in those circumstances, and what strategies they can use for stressful situations that might arise. Students with autistic spectrum disorders, speech and language struggles, trouble processing and expressing emotions, or social difficulties, can benefit from social stories. The social stories in this lesson are oriented specifically toward teaching your students about birthdays.

My Birthday

Everybody has a birthday once a year. My birthday is on February 5. That means I was born on February 5! I was born almost seven years ago, so on my next birthday, I will turn seven years old.

Birthdays are fun and exciting. I like to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends; I also like to celebrate my birthday with my classmates in school.

Different families have different ways of celebrating birthdays. In my family, my birthday starts with a special breakfast - usually pancakes. Sometimes, I get to do something special with my mom after school. At nighttime, we usually go to a pizza restaurant for dinner.

When we get home, we have a chocolate birthday cake. Everyone sings, 'Happy birthday' to me, and I get to blow out the candles. After cake, I get to open presents. I remember to say 'thank you' for all of the presents.

In school, we have a special snack on my birthday, and all of my friends and teachers sing to me. I find all of this extra attention exciting.

Sometimes, I get a little too excited on my birthday. When I get too excited, I feel sweaty and wild and find it hard to calm down. To calm down, I ask my parents or teacher if it's okay for me to 'take a break.' It also helps to find somewhere quiet to read or color for a little while.

When my birthday is over, I feel happy because it was so much fun. I also feel sad that I have to wait another whole year until my next birthday. So I say to myself, 'There are lots of fun things that will happen this year.' I feel proud when I think about how much older and stronger I am compared to last year.

Other People's Birthdays

My friends and siblings also have birthdays - but on different days. That means they are growing older, just like I am!

Sometimes I go to a classmate or friend's birthday party. When I'm at a birthday party, I usually play games and eat cake and ice cream with the other kids. Sometimes we dance to music. At the end of the party, the birthday person opens presents.

Sometimes I feel a little jealous when it's somebody else's birthday. This just means I feel sad because it's not my birthday. When this happens, I say to myself, 'I have one birthday every year, just like my friend.'

At a classmate or friend's birthday party, there can be many loud noises and a lot of sugary things to eat. Sometimes those noises and foods make me feel a little wild, so just like at home or school, I find somewhere quiet to sit and do something else until I feel calm.

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