Blobfish Facts: Lesson for Kids

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Instructor: Anna Reinking

Anni taught elementary school for eight years and is currently teaching college. She received her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.

This lesson will discuss blobfish, including where they live and what they eat. You'll also learn other interesting facts about the blobfish, then test your knowledge with a short quiz.

What Is a Blobfish?

The blobfish is a very rare and interesting-looking fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean. It has very little muscle and a soft skeletal structure that helps it live under the pressure of the ocean water. The blobfish is part of the Psychrolutidae family, which comes from the Greek word meaning 'to have a cold bath.' This is fitting for the blobfish, because it lives deep in the ocean where it's far from the sun's warmth.

A blobfish taken out of the water

The blobfish got its name because, as you can see from the picture, it looks like a blob made of a jelly-like substance when it's not in the water.

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  • 0:01 What Is a Blobfish?
  • 0:33 Where Do Blobfish Live?
  • 1:07 What Do Blobfish Eat?
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Where Do Blobfish Live?

Blobfish live in the oceans off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. These animals live on the ocean floor. They're able to hover and float across the ocean floor because of the jelly-like substance that makes up their body. Keep in mind that blobfish only look blobby when they're not in the water. When they're in the ocean, they look much more like a typical fish.

Blobfish in the ocean

Since they are able to hover about the ocean floor, they do not use much energy to move around. This is a good thing, because food is sparse deep down on the dark ocean floor.

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