Body Language Activities for Adults

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

Learning about how to read body language is an important skill for adults to master as they learn how to communicate with others. Use these activities to help teach adults about reading body language.

The Importance of Body Language

Being able to read body language can help you understand what someone is really trying to say when they maybe don't use the words that they really mean. For some people, this can pose a problem. Many adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or a variety of other needs might find it difficult to understand other people's body language.

Use these activities to help your students understand and recognize the meaning behind body language.

Role Playing

Have your students generate a list of social scenarios that they've had difficulty with in the past. You might prompt them with a few of your own scenarios. As a group, choose a social scenario and have a volunteer act it out, making sure to use appropriate body language. The rest of the class helps the volunteer to get the body language right. Then, pair your students up and hand out different scenarios. The pairs work together to create a scene in which body characters are using appropriate body language that conveys what they're feeling. They perform the skits for the class.

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