Book Project Ideas for 3rd Grade

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

In this resource, you will find a variety of book projects for your third grade students to complete. These projects will be completed individually and in groups, and will allow students to dig deeper into the characters, plot and themes of books.

Using Books in the Curriculum

You're a teacher, so you know how important books are to learning and growing. However, because books are so commonplace in the classroom, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut on how to best use books in your curriculum. Since there are books on (literally!) every topic under the sun, there is an almost endless way to incorporate them into your classroom. In this resource, you will find a variety of different book projects for your students to complete. Although these projects are designed with third grade students in mind, they can easily be adapted to meet the readiness of second through fifth grade students. The first two projects are for individual students and the final project is for groups.

Biography Themed Books

In this project, students in your class will be reading different books based on people within a theme. Select a theme that works well with timing in the year and your curriculum. Examples of themes that would work well include Black History month, presidents, important women in history, scientists, etc. Once you have selected a theme, find enough different books on people within the theme for each student in your class to read a different book. With this, vary the book levels with the ability levels of your students. To find the books, work with another teacher (possibly even in a higher or lower grade) and the school librarian.

You will then assign the books to your students. Each student will read the book at home or during silent reading time. Although the book lengths may vary, the books should be ones that can be read in 15 - 30 minutes. After reading the books, students will make a poster on their person based on what they learned in the book. Although it can vary based on resources, readiness and time, the poster should include the person's name, why they were famous, two pictures of the person and a few bullet points about the book. Once they are done, students will share these with the class.

  • Materials Needed: Books for each student in your class, poster board, coloring materials

Book Exploration

In this project, students will first pick any book that is age and reading level appropriate. Coordinate with the school librarian to help students find books on things that pair their passions with an interesting book. No two students should select the same book. Then, give students silent time to read. Although all students' books will be different, for this project, you will want to select books that will be slightly longer (think - beginning chapter books for most on-grade readers).

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