Books Like Throne of Glass

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

'Throne of Glass' by Sarah J. Maas is the fantasy series that follows a teenage assassin living under a tyrannical king. If your students loved this series, you might recommend the following books to them.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Living under tyranny, a teenage assassin named Celaena has been challenged to compete against other criminals and warriors for her freedom. Along the way, she connects with a variety of characters that lead her down a path she never would have thought possible.

This fantasy series is intended for high school students. The following is a list of other fantasy books and series that readers of Throne of Glass might be interested in.

Skykeeper by S.M. Gaither

Another fantasy series, this book is the beginning of the adventures of Aven, a girl with magical abilities who can protect her people from the dangerous waters that threaten their society. Sadly, there are hints that their society is being threatened by some type of water that is breaking down their sky. Aven goes on a mission to save her home.

If your students are interested in fantasy series that feature a girl going on a mission, Skykeeper might be a series to introduce.

Faster than Falling by Nathan Van Coops

Part of the Skylighter Adventures series, this book follows a girl named Samra Rose who accidentally gets taken away by raiders stealing her home. The book is set in a society that exists among the clouds. This world has dangerous creatures that Samra Rose, along with two of her friends, must battle to make it back home.

Like Throne of Glass, this book features a teenage girl who is going on an epic adventure to accomplish her goals. She must face danger and will make new allies along the way.

Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein

Cat's mother dies after she digs up one of the graves in her town. Cat is suspicious of the circumstances and becomes committed to finding out what exactly killed her mother. She uncovers a world of faeries and many other mystical creatures that help lead her to answers about her family, and many other questions as well.

This book is the beginning of a series that follows a young girl through a fantasy world. You might consider suggesting this book to your students who enjoyed Throne of Glass for the fantasy and serial aspect of the book.

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