Brand Marketing: Definition & Strategy

Instructor: Tara Schofield
Building a brand is a big endeavor. Brand marketing can make the difference between a product being recognized and a product being unknown by potential consumers. Use the steps in this lesson to build a strong brand.

What is Brand Marketing?

Building a brand can be a challenge, but is essential to creating awareness for a company and its products. A brand refers to the identity of a company. It represents the products or services a company offers, highlights the quality of the products, and can help create a following for products.

Once a brand has been established, the next step is to do brand marketing, the process of marketing products and services in a way that supports the brand and helps consumers understand the mission of the company.

For instance, celebrities create a brand that represents who they are and what type of work they do, in order to draw people to them. Lady Gaga and Madonna are two iconic celebrities who have built well-known brands for being on the cutting edge of music and entertainment. They have both established themselves as innovative artists who will use shocking costumes and scenery to get attention, create demand for their music, and create a fan following.

Creating Brand Marketing Strategies

Creating a brand can be difficult because there are many competing companies who want brand attention. There are three things to keep in mind when building a brand: The brand must be recognizable, the brand must be consistent and specific, and the brand must fit or support the company's products and services. By implementing these strategies, you can help your brand get more attention and become a household name.


What do most brands of the largest companies in the world have in common? They are recognizable. Not only do they have familiar logos and tag lines, you can likely explain what the company does just by hearing the company name.

Nike's 'Just do it' slogan is synonymous with their high-quality running shoes and exercise clothing. They are known for being in the mid to upper price range, appealing to middle and upper middle class shoppers.

McDonald's is known as the biggest fast food burger restaurant in the world. When you see the Golden Arches, you know you can get a cheap, fast hamburger and salty French fries. The brand stands for inexpensive food that is easy to access and fast to purchase.

Consistent and Specific

Your brand must be consistent and encompass all aspects of the business. It requires understanding what products and/or services a company will offer now and in the future. The more diverse the product line, the more challenging it can be to create an effective brand. For this reason, many companies create multiple brands within the company to allow each brand to have its own, specific identify.

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