Brand Preference: Definition & Explanation

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Orin Davis
In this lesson, we'll be looking at brand preference, which is when we choose to use a specific company's product or service over other equal choices. Test your knowledge after the lesson with a quiz.

Defining Brand Preference

Which airline do you fly? Unless your answer is 'cheapest flight possible,' you have a brand preference. Brand preference reflects a desire to use a particular company's products or services, even when there are equally priced and equally-available alternatives. In fact, more often than not, brand preference indicates a desire to seek out a specific product or service, even when it requires paying more or expending more effort to obtain it. Brand preference is important to companies because it provides an indicator of their customers' loyalty, the success of their marketing tactics, and the strength of their respective brands.

Elements of Brand Preference

Imagine that you are the CEO of a company that sells office supplies, and your competitor just announced a major promotion to cut prices on their products. Should you be worried? Always! But you can be less worried if people have a strong preference for your brand, because that means you have loyal customers who are not going to switch just because the prices went down somewhere else.

In fact, you can be even less worried about your competitor's sale if your company has effective marketing campaigns demonstrating that your company is the best one overall. Even if your competitor's prices are low, people still have many reasons to shop with your company, and successful marketing tactics put those reasons front and center in the hearts and minds of current and potential consumers.

Do people believe that your company is superior and, likewise, its products and services? If so, your company has good brand strength. People believe that they will get results that are worthwhile from your company in terms of aspects like quality, value (in other words the bang for the buck), customer support, variety, and accessibility.

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