Bruised Kidney: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Instructor: Allison Satorski

Allison Satorski has a Masters degree in Public Health with a concentration in health education and assists in teaching both undergraduate and graduate public health courses.

In this lesson, we will discuss what a bruised kidney is and what the symptoms and treatments are. We will also discuss causes of a bruised kidney and medical tests that may be performed.

What is a Bruised Kidney?

If you get in a serious car accident, there are many different types of injuries that you can incur. Sometimes, some of these injuries are not visible from the outside. This would be an internal injury. One type of internal injury that could occur from a car accident is a bruised kidney, which is also known as a kidney contusion. Similar to having a bruise on a bone or even the skin, it is also possible to bruise your kidney when it is hit hard enough. A bruised kidney can be serious and should always be evaluated by a doctor.


A bruised kidney can occur anytime there is a blow or blunt force to the lower back. A blunt force trauma is when there is an injury due to a physical attack or impact. Most likely this happens during a car accident. It can also happen if someone or something hits the person forcefully in the lower back; for example, if someone kicks you in the lower back.


Many different symptoms can occur from a bruised kidney depending on the severity of the injury. One of the most common symptoms would be pain in the area of the kidney. This can range from a dull ache to severe pain. If only one kidney was affected, then there will usually only be pain on the side of the injured kidney. Besides pain in the area, there may also be tenderness. When being examined by your physician, you may notice that when the area is pressed there is pain. Another symptom to look out for is blood in urine. Depending on how severe the kidney was bruised can cause this. Lastly, a bruised kidney can also cause nausea and vomiting.

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