Bud, Not Buddy Character Analysis

Instructor: Donald Nicolas
In this lesson, you will learn about the main characters in ''Bud, Not Buddy''. This analysis will help you to better understand the characters and their roles in the story.

Main Characters

Bud Calloway

Bud Calloway is an adventurous, ten-year-old orphan who wants nothing more than to find his father, Mr. Herman E. Calloway. Throughout the story, Bud shows his determination and bravery as he faces many hard times on his journey. Bud is treated unfairly at his foster home and then runs away to find his family. He takes with him a suitcase that carries memories of his mother who passed away. Bud strongly believes the items inside the suitcase will one day lead him to his father.

Bud carried a suitcase around everywhere he went hoping it would help him find his father.

Todd Amos

Todd Amos is Bud's sneaky twelve-year-old foster brother. Todd makes up a story about Bud beating him up and his mother believes him. Mr. and Mrs. Amos make Bud sleep in a shed in the back, where Bud escapes from after smashing a hornet's nest. He gets his revenge before running away from the home by putting liquid on Todd's bed, making it seem like he wet the bed - something Mrs. Amos hated.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos

Mr. and Mrs. Amos are Bud's foster parents. They believe everything their twelve-year-old son Todd Amos says. When Todd makes up the story about Bud beating him up, she becomes very angry at Bud. She orders her husband to make Bud sleep in the shed. Mr. Amos even puts a padlock on it. Mr. and Mrs. Amos are cruel and unfair to Bud. They treat their son Todd like he is perfect and can do nothing wrong.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos make Bud sleep in a shed.


While out on his journey, Bud comes across his old friend Bugs. Bugs is a loyal friend to Bud. He knows Bud from the foster home where they both used to live. Bugs gives Bud an idea to go on a train so they can make money picking fruits out west. Bud trusts his friend and they go to a town called Hooverville, where the trains come to go out west. After reaching Hooverville, Bugs and Bud find a kind group of people who are also trying to take the train west. During the night, the sound of train wakes up the town. Bugs ends up running toward the train and catches it, but Bud does not.

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