Bud, Not Buddy Timeline

Instructor: Andrea Richards

Andrea has taught elementary and middle school language arts and social studies, and she has a master's degree in reading.

'Bud, Not Buddy' by Christopher Paul Curtis is fictional book set in the time period of the Great Depression. This lesson will describe the series of events in Bud Calloway's adventure to find his dad after the death of his mother.


Did you know everyone has a timeline? Think about some of the important events in your life. Maybe you won an award at school or got a new pet? When you put those events in order of when they happened, you organize the events in chronological order, and this leads to a timeline. Your timeline might look a lot like this:

  • 2004- I was born
  • 2010- I started school
  • 2011- I got a dog
  • 2012- I learned to ride a bike
  • 2013- My sister was born
  • 2015- I moved to a new school
  • 2016- I broke my arm

Bud, Not Buddy also has a timeline of important events. This book is classified as historical fiction because the characters in the book weren't real-life people, but many of the events in the book are related to American history. The book's setting is in the year 1936 during the Great Depression. This was a hard time for Americans. Many people were without jobs and homeless, and a lot of people couldn't even afford to buy food.

History of the 1920s and 1930s

The book is set in the 1930s. There are some important events in history that help us understand the book better. In the 1920s radio began broadcasting, and jazz music became popular. The 1920s were good times in America. It is often called 'The Roaring 20s' because people had jobs and plenty of money.

In 1929 the stock market crashed. The stock market is where people invest money into businesses. When the market crashed, the money people had put into helping businesses was lost. This caused the beginning of the Great Depression. Thousands of banks closed, and businesses shut down. People were without jobs, and they felt hopeless. In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt became president. He started several programs to help protect workers and create jobs.

Train During the Great Depression
Depression Era Train

Bud, Not Buddy Timeline

The Year 1936

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