Building Client Relationships in Business

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  • 0:03 Client Relationships
  • 1:07 Respect All Clients
  • 1:42 Everyone Is Equal
  • 2:25 Good Communication
  • 3:20 Clients Are People
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
No one wants to be treated like a paycheck or a number. Becoming skilled at building client relationships in business is important to developing long-lasting partnerships between your business and clients.

Client Relationships

We all know him - he's obnoxious, overly enthusiastic, and pushy. This is the desperate car salesman who just wants to sell a car. When you walk on the lot, you dodge him and explain, 'I'm just browsing.' When working with the desperate car salesman, you may feel anxious, annoyed, or as if you are a payday more than you are a person.

In business, the desperate car salesman approach won't keep your clients happy, and keeping clients happy is essential to staying in business. Building client relationships in business requires patience and nurturing in order to develop mutual trust, which will enhance the relationship between you and the client.

You can imagine that the type of client you work with depends on the kind of company you work for. If you are a lawyer, your clients will be people seeking legal advice. If you work for a restaurant, your clients may be vendors, or the people who sell you food items, and purchasers, the people who visit your store and buy your products. Although there are different types of clients, the core values of building client relationships remain the same. Let's look at these in more detail.

Respect All Clients

Imagine you sell insurance. Some clients buy only car insurance, while others buy homeowners insurance, life insurance, and they also insure their businesses. The more someone insures with you, the more money you make.

It can be easy to slip in to the desperate car salesman approach and push customers to buy more insurance. However, when working with clients it is important to respect their needs and interests. If they only want car insurance, then you should provide them with the best car insurance package for their current wants and needs. If they are happy with your services, they will be more likely to come back to you if they ever need more insurance.

Everyone Is Equal

Now, let's say you have one client who pays $10,000 a month on insurance, and the other only pays $1,000. You may be tempted to provide perks and incentives, such as discounts, to the client who pays more. After all, that client gives you more business.

In order to develop good client relationships with everyone in your business, it is important that you treat every client with equal importance. Each client is important to your business, and if you only provide incentives to your most prestigious clients, the smaller clients may find someone else who will give them better service. You want to continue to build the client relationship with small or large clients, and in time, they may add services. At the very least, they will stay loyal to your business.

Good Communication

Just as important as treating people equally, good communication is extremely important to building client relationships. If you have ever been in a car accident and had to deal with your insurance company, you know that the process is either smooth or excruciatingly painful. In order to keep clients happy with your service, and loyal to your company, good communication is one of the best things you can provide them with.

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