Building Improvement Plans with Customer Service Metrics

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
This lesson discusses how the data collected from customer service metrics can inform business improvement plans. This includes improvement in the customer service department and in other areas of the business.

Business Improvement Plan

Mark is the customer service manager at JTV. He has recently collected information from his customer service metrics. Customer service metrics are the measures developed to evaluate JTV's customer service. Customer service metrics data is the information (data) identified by the measures used to evaluate if JTV is meeting its customer service goals.

As the customer service manager, Mark will be presenting an improvement plan to the customer service team. A business improvement plan outlines how the company will improve its overall business. Customer service metrics can be used to identify additional areas of improvement.

To get started, Mark works with Jen, the supervisor of the department, to help teach her how to use customer service metrics in a business improvement plan.

Role of Customer Service Metrics

Mark explains to Jen that, in general, customer service metrics can inform two important aspects of the business improvement plan.

  1. How the customer service department can improve
  2. How other areas of business can improve

In order to help Jen understand where these areas fit into the business improvement plan, she and Mark take a closer look at what the data can tell them.

Customer Service Improvements

Mark asks Jen to take a look at the data on first response time. The data indicates that JTV is not reaching its desired customer service goal when it comes to these two metrics. Mark explains that the company's goal is to respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours. However, the data shows that they are consistently responding within 48 hours.

In the business improvement plan, JTV can use the total data from the first response time to improve how it responds to customers. Mark tells Jen that when the company managers know customer service responses to inquiries are later than the desired time, the managers can determine if the problem is due to a lack of training or if the department is understaffed. If they identify that training is an issue, JTV will implement training into the business improvement plan.

Problems in Other Areas

After ensuring that Jen understands so far, Mark goes on to discuss how the data can help to inform other areas of business. He asks Jen to take a look at customer satisfaction and then asks her to identify what she notices. Jen tells Mark that it seems that customers are not satisfied with their experience with JTV.

As this is correct, Mark goes on to show her that this is a particularly interesting measurement. He explains that although first response time is not satisfactory, all other aspects of customer service are. Thus, this measure doesn't fully explain what is going on. They need to look at other areas.

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