Building Momentum & Morale in Work Teams

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  • 0:45 Creating Team Pride
  • 1:55 Developing Momentum
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Erin McCoy
The workplace can be a positive, encouraging environment or a dreaded place to work. As a manager, you can help create a rewarding and vibrant place for your employees to work. In this lesson, we'll explore ways to boost team pride, momentum, and morale.

Importance of Momentum & Morale

Have you worked at a job that was drudgery? One where you dreaded each morning? Yep, many of us have been there. There is little momentum; employees put in their time but have no heart in the work. The morale is low and the team is struggling.

What about a job where you feel respected, appreciated, and the morale is high? It's a very different environment when employees are loyal and enjoy their work.

In the corporate world, team morale and momentum are critical to retain top talent and recruit the best employees. When those employees enjoy their job, they stay longer, work harder, and help the business be more successful. Let's take a look at some ways you can bolster morale and momentum in the workplace.

Creating Team Pride

One of those ways to improve the work environment for your employees is to concentrate on fostering team pride. Developing an atmosphere that employees are proud of is challenging, yet highly rewarding. Here are three ways to increase your team pride:

  1. Build a bond. Do your employees know each other? Do they know about family life, interests, and know more about each other than basic work talk? If not, you can start here. Schedule team building activities, plan a lunch break together once a week, and devote a few minutes of each department meeting for each employee to share something about themselves.

  2. Set the bar higher. Teams that are motivated and high-producing are more enthusiastic and fun to be a part of than teams that are average or low-producing. Work together to set goals and create excitement and momentum towards those goals. Lead with praise and encouragement to help your team work together to accomplish great things!

  3. Build a team environment. Create a team name, logo, and cheer. These types of simple gestures can go a long way in creating a strong group dynamic. When your team is united, they will have more team pride.

Developing Momentum

Team pride is great, but ensuring momentum among employees is vital to getting projects done efficiently. Imagine you lead a production team and have daily goals the team is responsible for meeting. Your team has been missing the target for the past two months and morale is dropping. You want to encourage the team to reach the goals. What can you do?

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