Building Morale in the Workplace: Activities & Exercises

Instructor: Molly Gigli

Molly has an MBA in HR and a BA in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

There are many ways to build morale in the workplace. There are little and big things an organization can do to keep morale high. Read on to find out more on how you can incorporate these ideas into your organization.

Activities to Build Morale in the Workplace

There are numerous ways to build morale (a term that encompasses employee attitudes, feelings, overall outlook, and sense of satisfaction) in the workplace. When we talk about 'building morale' in this lesson, we'll talk about encouraging employees to have positive attitudes and feelings toward the organization, an optimistic outlook about the organization, and a high level of satisfaction with their roles in it.

An organization can build morale without even having to spend a dime. One of the best ways is just to be friendly and have fun. Being friendly and having fun at work can go a long way. People like to see their management and leadership being themselves in the workplace. Employees want to see that their leaders are normal people just like they are.

Another way to build morale is by having regular meetings with employees. By staying in touch and keeping them up to date on their responsibilities along with any changes, the employee will feel like he or she is a part of the company and a part of the process.

Employee Morale

There are also ways an organization can build morale in the workplace where it may have to spend a little money. One way is to buy employees lunch once in a while. How often lunch is bought is up to the organization, but employees love free lunches and it makes them feel appreciated. Another way is to have group outings to a sports game or other appropriate event. Regular group outings are a great way for employees to get to know one another and it also gives them something to look forward to outside of work.

Examples of Morale-Building Exercises

Here is a list of activities that can be done to increase employee morale:

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