Bullying in the Workplace

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  • 0:00 What Is Workplace Bullying?
  • 1:00 Examples of Workplace Bullying
  • 1:42 Effects of Workplace Bullying
  • 2:36 Handling Workplace Bullying
  • 3:53 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Bullying does not only happen in schools, but it also can happen in the workplace. In this lesson, we will learn the definition of workplace bullying, the effects, and how to handle workplace bullying.

What Is Workplace Bullying?

Can you imagine someone constantly pushing your buttons and treating you poorly? You are probably thinking that this could never happen to me. Unfortunately, it could happen to anyone. It is important to know the right steps to take when workplace bullying happens to you or to a co-worker.

Workplace bullying is serious and cannot only impact someone's work performance, but it can also hurt their physical and emotional health. Workplace bullying can be inflicted by one person or multiple people and can occur one or more times. It makes a victim feel scared, and even fearful for his/her life depending on the severity. The bully can interfere with or sabotage a person and distract him/her from getting his/her work done. A bully can use either verbal or physical abuse to make someone feel insignificant. Whether the bullying behavior is more subtle or more overt, workplace bullying should be taken very seriously.

Examples of Workplace Bullying

As mentioned, workplace bullying can be subtle or overt. In more subtle cases, the bully may consistently or unfairly belittle someone's work. Whether it is with direct criticism to the person or to others, this behavior could constitute harassment, a form of bullying.

Workplace bullying could also be more overt in the form of making verbal threats or destroying property. If this happens, and no one else takes action, the targeted individual may think the issue is not as severe as it is. Regardless of whether it is physical, verbal, or mental abuse, it is never okay to let workplace bullying occur.

Effects of Workplace Bullying

Employees, regardless of gender or race, could be affected by workplace bullying. Bullying can cause an individual to lose his/her self-esteem. Being verbally or physically attacked can take a toll on an individual's confidence. Bullying can strongly affect an employee's work performance. An employee who is bullied can lose concentration at work, feel resentment towards the bully, experience high levels of stress, and may even miss work to avoid the bully.

The effects of bullying in the workplace can have to minor or serious implications for the victim. It is possible for the targeted individual to commit suicide due to the loss of self-esteem, the constant ridicule, and negative outlook on life. We hear about how bullying affects kids in school and leads to suicide. It can also happen to grown adults in the workplace, which makes it a serious issue that needs to be fixed immediately.

Handling Workplace Bullying

Handling workplace bullying should not be taken lightly, and it should be dealt with promptly. If you see an individual being targeted, it is important to step in and tell the bully to stop what they are doing. The bully could have one or more targets they decide to focus on, so it is important to not ignore the issue. The more backup the targeted individual has, the more he or she will realize how serious the issue is. You should never sit back and let the bullying happen.

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