Bullying Survey Questions

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Teaching your students about bullying is important at any age. This lesson provides survey questions you can use to start a bullying unit, or for conversations, for all age groups.

Bullying Survey Questions for Early Childhood

Keep these questions simple in format and easy to answer. Make sure not to use leading questions and allow several methods for answering, such as words or pictures. Consider making a survey with faces for answers to enable pre-readers to respond, or give the survey orally.

  • I know what a good friend is.
  • I like to make new friends.
  • It is easy for me to play with new children.
  • I know what a bully does.
  • Children who are bullies can't be friends.
  • I know what to do if I'm bullied.
  • Bullies don't hurt young children.
  • I can be friends with a bully.
  • Bullies call bad names or take toys.
  • Bullies can just be ignored.

Bullying Survey Questions for Elementary Students

Students in elementary school should learn to recognize bullying and be given tools to use when they encounter them. Take the pulse of your school and students with these questions.

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