Bullying Unit Plan

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

Bullying is undeniably one of the biggest problems in schools today. Use the lesson plans in this unit to focus students on understanding bullying and equip them to carry their knowledge beyond the classroom with activities, role plays, and projects.


Bullying is a major issue in today's society, from elementary classrooms to college and beyond. Therefore, combating bullying is a life skill. This unit plan guides students from learning the basics to applying their knowledge in the real world. This sequence will engage students in art projects, role plays, literature, and multimedia. It's essential for students to relate to the bullying lessons you provide so there is something for everyone. With lesson plans and activities for elementary, middle, and high school students, exploring these resources will prepare your students to understand and combat bullying.

Unit Preparation

Set up your classroom to support the content focus of this unit by using these Anti-Bullying Bulletin Board Ideas. Creating a physical environment that reflects your lessons supports student thinking. It also provides them with valuable visual reminders of the important learning that's taking place.

Explore some Anti-Bullying Programs & Organizations before preparing your lesson plan sequence. There are regular updates in bullying legislation and events so this preparation will ensure that you are up to speed. You can also provide these resources to students or post them on your bulletin board to give them the opportunity to explore more on their own.

Lessons and Activities: Elementary School

For elementary students, begin with this Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan. Building a foundational knowledge about what defines bullying is important for this age group. Students need to feel empowered to take action when they see bullying; to do so, they must know exactly what it looks like. Extend learning with these engaging Anti-Bullying Activities for Elementary Students.

Providing students an opportunity to practice their anti-bullying skills is important. Otherwise, they may have the knowledge but lack the application that will help them in the real world. Utilize these Bullying Role Plays for Elementary Students to help students build valuable experience that will empower them to act if the need arises. In addition, students need to develop confidence to stand up to a bully. These Confidence Building Activities for Kids will equip them with the tools necessary to be strong when faced with a bully.

Consider incorporating some literature into your introduction to bullying. Two great options include this Trudy Ludwig's My Secret Bully Lesson Plan and this Bully by Patricia Polacco Lesson Plan. It's helpful for students to read about bullying and the way characters cope with it. They can use these characters as role models for their own lives. Often, actions taken by the characters can empower students to act bravely, as well.

Lessons and Activities: Middle and High School

For middle school students, start with this Bullying Lesson Plan for Middle School to build the framework for other experiences within the bullying unit. Incorporate some Anti-Bullying Activities for Middle School Students, as well, to engage students and solidify their learning.

For high school students, begin with this Bullying Lesson Plan for High School. High schoolers will most likely have background knowledge of the topic. This lesson plan focuses on the issues related to the types of bullying they will encounter in their own lives. Get students connected to the topic by following up with these Anti-Bullying Activities for High School Students to ensure the lessons they learn last beyond the class period.

A hot topic in middle and high school is cyberbullying. It's essential that this be a part of any unit to fully address bullying as this level of students experience it. Use this Cyberbullying Lesson Plan to make learning relevant to this technology-focused world. Providing students with these Bullying Scenarios for Classroom Role Plays will enable them to develop necessary skills to combat bullying in everyday life.

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