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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lisa Hanson

Lisa is a Continuous Improvement Coach for her school district and has taught in elementary school for many years. She has a master's degree in curriculum and instruction.

What has fangs, red eyes, and a black cape? I bet you would never guess it to be a rabbit! In the story ''Bunnicula,'' you'll learn more about a strange little rabbit and the crazy antics of the other pets in his new household.

Bunnicula Summary

Bunnicula, by Deborah and James Howe, is a cute, clever, and humorous tale told from the family dog's point of view. It all begins when the Monroe family finds a peculiar little bunny at the Dracula movie. They bring him home, name him Bunnicula, and introduce him to the family cat and dog.

Then strange things begin happening around the house. White vegetables keep turning up in the refrigerator, and Bunnicula can somehow escape from his cage. Chester the cat, who has a crazy imagination, comes to the conclusion that their sweet, little bunny is really a dangerous vampire who sucks the juice out of poor, defenseless vegetables.

With the reluctant help of Harold the dog, Chester sets out to destroy Bunnicula by wearing garlic and preventing the bunny from entering the kitchen. Finally, Harold notices that Bunnicula is not looking well. He decides to help Bunnicula, and saves the day! In the end, they all find a way to live peacefully together, with Chester's ego just a little bit hurt.

Main Characters

The Monroes

The most minor characters in this story are the humans, but they're still worth mentioning. Robert and Ann are the mom and dad who are clueless about the vampire mystery going on in their household. They have two boys named Pete and Toby, who found Bunnicula in the movie theater. The Monroes are an intelligent family who treat and talk to their animals like humans.

Chester the Cat

The phrase 'curious as a cat' is the perfect definition of Chester. He is the Monroes' very intelligent cat who sets out to prove that Bunnicula is a vampire. This is because Chester is a bit of a bookworm for mysteries and horror stories, which help to feed his overactive imagination. Chester is the detective in the story who does all sorts of crazy things to 'catch' Bunnicula in the act. He insists that Harold the dog should help him with his outlandish ideas.

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