Business Development Reports

Instructor: Elizabeth Wamicha

Elizabeth teaches undergraduate courses in Business and Information Technology for the last 7 years. She is currently on course to completing a Doctorate in Information Systems

This lesson examines business development reports. These are reports that outline in detail the business development initiatives that an organization has carried out over a given period of time.

Business Development

Business development involves a number of activities and processes that are carried out in order to develop or grow a business. Business development aims to create long-term value for an organization through its interactions with customers, other businesses, and even global markets.

Business development initiatives aim to gradually grow businesses by implementing projects with specific objectives that stimulate departmental and organizational growth. In order to effectively monitor whether these projects are having any significant impact on the growth of the business, organizations need to constantly monitor and report on the progress of these initiatives. These reports can be used as points of reference when attempting to establish if the business development initiatives are actually meeting the pre-specified objectives. The following sections examine the main parts of business development reports and the benefits that these reports have for businesses.

Business Development Report Design

In the process of developing and designing a business development report, it is important to understand the overall strategy and long-term goals of the business. For example, it is important to establish where the business plans to be, in terms of growth, in the next year or even in the next 5 years. The business must then lay out the various activities or initiatives that it needs to carry out in order to achieve this strategy. This can be done by laying out a set of objectives as well as timelines for achieving these objectives. A typical business development report will have three sections. These include the introduction or executive summary, the main body of the report, and finally the conclusion or supplementary part of the report.

Introduction or Executive Summary

This section of the Business Development Report outlines the background of the business as well as the objectives or goals of the business. It should provide a clear summary or indication of the growth strategy and objectives of the business. The objectives developed for the business need to be simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a defined time frame. The objectives laid out in this part of the report will act as reference points for analysis throughout the report.

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