Business Phone Calls in Spanish

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  • 0:03 Greetings & Asking for Someone
  • 1:23 Common Questions & Closures
  • 2:11 Vocabulary & Phrases
  • 2:48 Practice Conversations
  • 4:48 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Manuel Ruiz

Manuel has taught and written curriculums for several educational organizations for over 10 years and has a master's degree in Biology.

In this lesson, we'll learn first some basic business Spanish vocabulary and phrases that are useful during phone calls. Then, we'll then practice through some conversations.

Greetings & Asking for Someone

Imagine that you have been waiting for a call from a company where you just recently applied for a job. This job is an excellent opportunity because you will be traveling all over the world. You've been waiting for nearly a week and today, you finally get a call.

You pick up the phone and you hear: Buenos días! Me gustaría hablar con ... (Good morning! I would like to speak with ...) Oh no, you'll have to respond in Spanish! Don't panic. In this lesson, we'll learn the basic business vocabulary and phrases that could help you in a business phone call. Let's begin.

First, let's go through some common greetings:

Buenos días - Good morning (pronounced: boo-WHEY-nos DEE-as)

Buenas tardes - Good afternoon when the time is between 12pm to 4pm and good evening after 4pm but before 7pm (pronounced: boo-WHEY-nass TAR-des)

Buenas noches - Good evening or night (pronounced: 'boo-WHEY-nass NO-chehs)

Hola - Hello (pronounced: oh-la)

¿Cómo esta? - How are you? (pronounced: ko-mo ess-TA)

There are some other phrases that are commonly used at the beginning of a conversation. Such as:

Esta hablando ('so and so') - This is ('so and so') speaking (pronounced: ess-TA ah-BLAN-doh)

Me permitiría hablar por favor con … - Would you please let me speak to ... (pronounced: meh per-ME-tee-ree-ah ah-blar por fa-vor kon)

Me estoy tratando de comunicar con … I am trying to reach ... (pronounced: meh ess-TOY tra-TAN-doh deh ko-mu-nee-CAR kon)

Estoy hablando de … - I am calling from … (pronounced: ess-TOY ah-BLAH-doh deh)

Common Questions & Closures

Surprisingly, there are a lot of questions that are used in business phone calls. Some of these include:

¿Podría dejar un mensaje para …? - Could I leave a message for ...? (pronounced: po-DREE-ah deh-HAR un men-SA-he pa-ra)

¿Le podría decir por favor que me regrese la llamada? - Would you please tell him/her to give me a call back? (pronounced: leh po-DREE-ah deh-SEER por fa-vor ke meh reh-GRE-seh la ya-ma-da)

¿Con quién hablo? - To whom am I speaking? (pronounced: see. kon kee-EN AH-blo)

¿Le puedo ayudar? - Can I help you? (pronounced: leh pu-eh-do ah-you-DAR)

¿Con quién desea hablar? - To whom would you like to speak? (pronounced: con kee-n deh-seh-ah ah-blar)

¿Quién habla? - Who is calling? or Who is speaking?' (pronounced: see kon kee-EN AH-bla)

¿Cómo le puedo ayudar? - How can I help you? (pronounced: ko-mo leh pu-eh-do ah-you-DAR)

And, of course, there are proper ways to end a conversation:

Gracias y que pase un buen día. - Thank you and have a nice day. (pronounced: GRA-see-ahse ee keh PA-say un boo-enn DEE-ah)

Gracias por llamar. Adiós. - Thank you for calling. Good bye. (pronounced: GRA-see-ahse por ya-MAR. ah-dee-ose)

Vocabulary & Phrases

Other vocabulary that might come in handy includes words like:

Operador - operator if a man (pronounced: oh-peh-rah-DOR)

Operadora - operator if a woman (pronounced: oh-peh-ra-DOR-ah)

Llamada - call (pronounced: ya-MA-da)

Negocio - business (pronounced: neh-GO-see-oh)

Mensaje - message (pronounced: men-SAW-hey)

Un momento por favor - Just a moment please (pronounced: un moh-MEN-toh por fa-VOR)

¿Puede esperar por favor? - Could you hold please? (pronounced: poo-EH-de ess-per-AR por fa-VOR)

Gracias por esperar - Thank you for holding (pronounced: GRA-cee-ahse por ess-PEH-rar)

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