Butterfly Activities & Games for Kids

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Whether you need ideas for your butterfly unit in the classroom or just want to have some fun at home with your kids, these ideas will get children excited to learn about butterflies!

Butterfly Games and Activities

This lesson includes several activities and games to help children learn about butterflies. Some ideas are more educational, teaching children about different species and life cycles. Other ideas might just be quick, fun activities to bring in when you have extra time to fill. These ideas can be adapted to any setting and could be used with large groups or with one child.

Butterfly Bingo

Create bingo cards with different types of butterflies in each square. Student need to get five in a row to win. You could mix this up by having them get four corners or a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bingo, or all the squares on their board. If your students are learning different types of butterflies, you could read off the names of different species and see if they can identify which butterfly is on their card.


Create two sets of cards with a variety of butterflies. Mix them up and lay them out on a table face down. Each player gets to flip over two cards on their turn. If they find two matching cards, they get to keep them. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Butterfly Art

There are many different art projects you could do to supplement your unit on butterflies. These engaging ideas will give children the chance to be creative.

  • Give students a piece of paper with the outline of a butterfly drawn on it. Let students decorate their butterfly using markers, crayons, paint, and stickers. You might tell them it needs to look like a specific type of butterfly to reinforce their understanding of different species.
  • Have students make butterflies out of pipe cleaners and beads. The pipe cleaners are used to make the butterfly shape, and the beads add decoration.
  • Have students make a butterfly mosaic by tearing up different colored paper into small shapes and gluing them into the shape of a butterfly.

Action Songs

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Curl up like an egg,

Crawl like a caterpillar,

Be as still as a chrysalis,

Fly like a butterfly.

Sing this song and have student follow along by doing the actions.

5 Little Butterflies

Five little butterflies by the door,

One flew away, then there were four.

Four little butterflies by the tree,

One flew away, then there were three.

Three little butterflies up in the blue,

One flew away, then there were two.

Two little butterflies out in the sun,

One flew away, then there was one.

One little butterfly now all alone,

She was so lonely, she flew home.

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