Caber Conjugation in Present & Future Tenses

Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

Will it fit? The verb ''caber'' means 'to fit'. In this Spanish lesson, you will learn how to conjugate the word in the present and future tense. You will also see examples of how to use this verb in those tenses.

Moving Day

Raul and Lina are moving into their new home today. They have lots of furniture to get into the moving truck. Will it all fit? They'll need the verb caber (KAH-behr, 'to fit') to get everything organized.

Let's look at how to conjugate the Spanish verb caber before listening in on some examples.

Caber in the Present Tense

The present tense is used to talk about habits and actions that happen in the present. The verb caber is regular in the present tense, except when conjugating for the subject yo.

Subject Pronoun Present Tense Pronunciation Translation
yo quepo KAY-po I fit
cabes KAH-bays You (informal) fit
él, ella, usted cabe KAH-bay He,she, you (formal) fit
nosotros/nosotras cabemos kah-BAY-mose We fit
vosotros/vosotras cabéis kah-BAY-ees You (plural, informal) fit
ellos, ellas, ustedes caben KAH-ben They (male,female), you (plural, informal) fit

Examples in the Present

Here are a few examples of caber in the present tense.

  • No quepo en la silla. (I don't fit in the chair.)
  • Todos cabemos en el coche. (We all fit in the car.)
  • Los alumnos caben en el autobus. (The students fit in the bus.)

Translation: The students fit in the bus.

Note: The phrase No cabe duda is a commonly used phrase that means: There is no doubt.

Now let's check in on Raul and Lina:

Lina: Raul, ¿sabes donde están los platos? (Raul, do you know where the plates are?)

Raul: Están en la mesa. (They are on the table.)

Lina: ¿Caben en la caja que tienes? (Do they fit in the box you have?)

Raul: Sí, caben los platos aquí, pero no cabe nada más. (Yes, the plates fit here, but nothing else fits.)

Lina: Bueno, llevas la caja al camión entonces a ver si cabe. (Okay, you take the box to the truck then to see if it fits.)

Raul: ¡Claro que cabe! (Of course it fits!)

Translation: Of course it fits!
moving truck

Caber in the Future Tense

The future tense is used to talk about things that will happen in the future. The verb caber is irregular in the future tense. It follows the same pattern as the verb haber.

Subject Pronoun Command Form Pronunciation Translation
yo cabré kah-BRAY I will fit
cabrás kah-BRAS You (informal) will fit
él, ella, usted cabrá kah-bra He,she, you (formal) will fit
nosotros/nosotras cabremos kah-BRAY-mose we will fit
vosotros/vosotras cabréis kah-BRAY-ees You (plural, informal) will fit
ellos, ellas, ustedes cabrán kah-BRAHN They (male,female), you (plural, informal) will fit

Examples in the Future

Here are some examples of caber in future tense:

  • Cabrán los niños en un sola aula. (The children will fit in only one room.)
  • ¿Cabrémos en el coche? (Will we fit in the car?)
  • Cabré, sin duda. (I will fit, without a doubt.)

Translation: Will we fit in the car?
little yellow car

Now let's check back in Raul and Lina:

Lina: ¿Ya tenemos todo? (Do we have everything now?)

Raul: Creo que sí. (I believe so.)

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