Call Center Professional: Roles & Responsibilities

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  • 0:46 Cell Center Responsibilities
  • 2:26 Call Center Necessary Skills
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Working in a call center provides a fulfilling opportunity for both entry-level work and management roles. Learn about what roles exist and about their responsibilities within a call center.

Common Call Center Titles

Call centers have some key positions that are standard, while some positions will change depending on what is needed for the company or client. Each position within the call center offers a service that helps to meet the needs of the company or the client for whom the call center is serving. Some of the most common titles include:

  • Customer service manager
  • Team leader
  • Training manager
  • Customer service representative

There are typically many customer service representatives. There are usually fewer team leaders and training managers. It is common that there is only one customer service manager and only one training manager, although those managers may have additional staff members that support their roles.

Call Center Responsibilities

Imagine you are responsible for organizing a call center for your company's customer service department. Because this is a new division, you determine that you're going to need to find people to be on the front lines with the customers, leaders to support the customer service people, and various managers. Let's review the roles of each position:

Customer service manager: This person will likely establish policies to support customers while also ensuring the needs of clients are met. This position often oversees the team leaders and training managers.

Team leader: This person is responsible for the day-to-day management of the customer service representatives. The team leader may establish the schedule, ensure enough people are staffed to answer calls, provide problem solving when a customer service representative needs help, and handle angry customers. The team leader is a lower level manager who is very hands-on with the call center activities.

Training manager: Ongoing training is vital to the success of customer service representatives. The training manager will create and provide training for the new employees. Additionally, this person also ensures ongoing training is offered to strengthen skills and keep the customer service representatives at the top of their game.

Customer service representative/agent: These key personnel are the voices on the phone, answering calls and handling customer problems and issues. These people are critical to the success of a call center. When they are positive, confident, and professional, they can handle customer complaints or needs in a thorough and proficient manner. If your customer service representatives are trained and good at their jobs, your customers will be more satisfied and your business may grow.

Call Center Necessary Skills

Four key skills needed in a call center include:

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