Camel Art Project Ideas

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Incorporating art into science can be a great way for students to learn and utilize their strengths. The projects in this lesson will help get your students excited about camels.

Why Camel Art Projects?

Are you teaching your students about animals? If so, one animal that can be incredibly interesting to focus on is the camel. Camels can be a great way for students to develop their understanding of biodiversity, since there are many different kinds of camels that have evolved to meet different needs. Camels are also a great example of adaptation; their way of transporting water to keep themselves hydrated in dry habitats is a really concrete example that many students can appreciate.

One way to help your students get involved in their study of camels is by incorporating art projects. Art projects are wonderful for visual learners who get more out of work that allows them to see what they are studying. Art projects are also good for kinesthetic learners, since they allow students to work with their hands. Often, art projects are collaborative, and many students learn more from working with each other. The projects in this lesson are designed to help your students understand camels better while enjoying their learning experiences.

Camel Art Projects

Labelled Diagram

This somewhat basic art project asks that your students draw a picture of a camel and label the different parts of its anatomy. Have your students work with photographs of camels and create their own sketches. Students can work individually or in partnerships to create their diagrams. They should choose which view of the camel they think best represents it, and when they label the different body parts, they should also include a sentence or two about what the body part is for.

Camel Silhouette

This project allows your students to think more deeply about where camels live and how they relate to the environment. First, have each student work with a piece of black paper. On the paper, they should draw a picture of the camel from the side view. Have them think about what kind of camel they are representing and how they can best represent the shape. When students are satisfied, they should cut their camels out and put them aside. Then, have students work in small groups to create large murals of camel habitats on butcher paper or poster board. To do this, they will need to research where camels live and what characteristics define these environments. Have them work with colored pencils to include as much detail as possible. Finally, have your students use glue to affix their camels to different areas on their environments. You can hang these murals in your classroom to compare and contrast.

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