Capitalization Games & Activities

Instructor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

Let's face it, grammar rules can be a boring topic. But they needn't be that way. Make it more interesting by trying out some of these capitalization games and activities.

Capitalization Games and Activities

Learning grammar rules isn't always especially exciting, and capitalization is no exception. One of the best ways of learning any rule like this is through hands-on practice. In particular, games and activities can be a great way to keep students engaged as they learn. They can be fun and educational at the same time. So here are a few ideas for games and activities that you can use in your classroom to help students learn proper capitalization.

Rotating Corrections

One of the best ways to learn capitalization is by practicing correcting incorrect capitalization. This will teach them how to correct their own work, and identify errors. To make this into more of an activity, try rotating corrections around the class. For this activity, you'll need to create a text with a large number of capitalization errors for each student in your class. Hand these papers out to students, and have them correct one single capitalization error. Then have them pass their papers to the right. Each student receives a new paper, and must then correct a second error.

This continues, with students passing the papers around the class, and getting exposure to every single incorrect paper. Keep passing the papers until every error has been corrected. If a student makes an incorrect change, another student can correct the first student's mistake.

Capitalization Rules Chart

Capitalization involves learning a lot of rules. They aren't always as simple as you might think. For example, when we talk about the earth, we don't capitalize the word ''earth'', even though it's also the name of a planet, unless it acts as a proper noun. These kinds of rules can be very subjective and debatable, and are more a matter of convention. That makes them harder to learn. To make this process easier, have students summarize the capitalization rules they need to know on a poster.

For this activity, put students into groups, and have each group create an attractive looking poster. They can decorate the poster however they want, draw pictures, and use bright colors. Then either put them all up on the wall of the classroom to help students, or have students vote on the best poster, and display the winner.

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