Career Stages: Establishment, Advancement, Maintenance & Withdrawal

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  • 0:07 Career Stages
  • 0:46 Establishment
  • 2:01 Advancement
  • 3:23 Maintenance
  • 4:25 Withdrawal
  • 4:45 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
A career stage model explains the four stages that individuals pass through in their careers. The four stages consist of establishment, advancement, maintenance and withdrawal.

Career Stages

Susie Steel of Hearts Development Firm is nearing retirement from a very long and successful career. As part of Susie's final farewell, the human resource department is putting together a video of her 30 years at Hearts Development. The video consists of all of the career stages that Susie has moved through during the years. A career stage model demonstrates the four stages that individuals pass through in their careers. The four stages consist of establishment, advancement, maintenance and withdrawal. An individual can move through these four stages at any age depending upon when they begin their career.


Susie's video begins with her very first day with Hearts Development. Susie was a young adult just out of college. She had a degree in finance and wanted to be just like her idol, Ronald Dump, a huge real estate investor. The first stage of an individual's career is called establishment. During this first stage, a person learns the basic elements of the job and where they fit within an organization. The approximate age range of this stage varies from 21-26 years of age. Some individuals who change careers later in life also must go through this stage at a more advanced age.

Susie was very dependent upon her colleagues and superiors during this stage. She was transitioning from living with her parents and finishing college. Susie undertook a psychological contract with the organization, which is an implicit agreement between an individual and an organization that details exactly what is expected in the relationship. Susie felt that in addition to the salary, benefits and perks she received from the company weekly, she also expected support from mentors in helping her develop in her position. The video showed Susie in training and learning how to present to clients with her mentor watching.


The next part of the video showed the most exciting part of Susie's career. The video demonstrated all of the big successes Susie had - along with the resulting promotions - during the advancement stage. The second stage concentrates on high achievement and further employee development. Most individuals in this stage are in middle adulthood and range from 26-40 years of age.

The video followed Susie as she found a career path with the real estate contract division. A path consists of a series of job experiences that an employee moves along during his or her career. Susie tried different departments such as real estate, marketing, finance and contracts. The video also showed Susie being promoted to real estate rep, real estate manager, contracts manager and then vice president of contracts. She accelerated up the corporate ladder at Hearts very quickly due to her work ethic and intelligence. A ladder is a series of job positions through which an individual progresses within the company.

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