Careers in the Business Field: Typical Courses & Degrees

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Planning your future in business is exciting and provides virtually unlimited options. You can work for yourself or take a corporate job by getting the education and skills to make you a specialist.

Career Opportunities in Business

There are virtually hundreds of options for careers in business. It's exciting to think how fast the career field is changing, allowing you to do just about anything you want to do. More than ever, people are creating their own jobs and designing their own occupations. Whether you are considering working for a corporation or using your skills to become a consultant, the opportunities are nearly endless.

Corporate vs. Consulting and Freelancing Opportunities

The corporate world has need for talented, educated individuals who bring a wide variety of skills and talents to the business. You may work for a small business or a large organization. Either way, you will likely be hired for a specific position that has outlined duties and defined responsibilities. While corporate jobs tend to be more structured, many companies have subscribed to a more flexible work environment. You may find companies that allow employees to work at home and set their own schedules. Jet Blue is known for hiring customer service representatives who take calls from their home. They can work in their pajamas and spend just a few seconds commuting to their 'office'. This has attracted many employees that otherwise may not have been interested in working in an office environment.

Within the corporate world, there are usually many divisions that hire people with specialized skills. These departments may include accounting/finance, customer service, warehousing and shipping, product design, marketing, sales, and administration. Each company may have other unique departments, depending on the industry the business operates in and their own individual needs. Some of the most common careers that require experience and/or a degree include Finance Manager, Accountant, Marketing Manager, IT Director, and CEO.

Consulting and freelance opportunities are expanding exponentially as individuals are seeking ways to work in a less confining environment. A consultant or freelancer is a person who works independently as their own business owner. They provide their services and expertise to a company on a limited basis for a specific period of time or for a specific project. Companies often use freelancers or consultants when they have short-term projects that may not justify hiring a person or when a problem is present that needs the help of an expert.

As specialized skill sets are developed, you can take your knowledge and provide solutions to one or multiple companies simultaneously. Consultants are popular in the fields of management, marketing, human resources, auditing, and productivity. Many companies are looking at freelancers for limited-time projects like graphic design work or a website re-design.

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