Cause and Effect Short Story for Kids

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Mark Boster
Many things in life have a cause and an effect. The sooner you learn that the better off your life will be. For example, if you learn that every time you hit your sister, you get no dessert, you will quit hitting her and therefore get dessert.


Has your mother or father ever told you that after you do a certain chore, then you can go get ice cream? If so, then you know a certain sequence, or order, was needed. First, you do the chore, and then you get the ice cream. Many things in life have a cause and effect. Let's look at a similar story describing another problem.

A Trade

Tom had an accident with his car and needed it fixed. There was a broken window, a dented bumper, and something wrong with the engine. He also has a friend named Becky who knows how to fix all this. He asked Becky if she would fix his car.

'What do I get?' asked Becky.

Tom told her that he would put a screen door on her house. With no screen door, it got very hot. She agreed but said,

'As soon as you get that screen door on, I will fix your car.'

'Great!' Tom answered. But he knew there was a problem with this: he didn't know how to put on a screen door!

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