Cause & Effect Essay Topics

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has an Masters of Science in Mathematics and a Masters in Education

Writing about cause and effect is a skill all students need to develop. Use these essay topic ideas to help guide and inspire students. Ideas for all ability levels included.

Writing Cause and Effect Essays

In order for students to succeed, they need a firm understanding of cause and effect relationships. We see much practice with this skill in reading, and an emerging presence in writing application. Students are often given prompts on tests to write about cause/effect relationships, and we see the need in content areas like math, science and social studies as well.

What better way to prepare them for writing about cause/effect relationships than to provide opportunities to practice the skill with your guidance! Take a look.

Straightforward Cause and Effect Topics

These prompts can be used for students just learning to put together cause and effect relationships, or for those who respond best to direct instructions. Research may be necessary.

  • Climate change is an international topic. What are the causes and effects of our changing climate?
  • Children are more obese now than ever before. Explain the causes and effects of childhood obesity.
  • Relationships with law enforcement are controversial. What are the causes and effects of poor relationships with law enforcement?
  • Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. Scientists wonder what this is doing to our brains and relationships. Explain the causes and effects of technology.
  • Some people make and keep friends easily, while others struggle. What are the causes and effects of being able to make good, long-lasting friends?

Ideas to Inspire

Sometimes, giving students a simple topic leads them to great discoveries on their own. Try out these topics:

  • Pets and human health
  • Energy sources
  • Social media
  • Violent video games
  • Obesity
  • Urbanization
  • Gun rights
  • Junk food
  • Student rights
  • Zero tolerance for violence in schools

Start With a Cause

Start students off on their essays by giving them topic ideas in the form of causes. Allow them to follow up with an effect relationship.

  • The causes of student misbehavior and suspension in school
  • The causes of obesity in children or people in poverty
  • The causes of food deserts
  • The causes of body image issues in young people
  • The causes of increased violence in young children
  • The causes of suicide in teenagers
  • The causes of multigenerational poverty
  • The causes of racism
  • The causes of materialism
  • The causes of the drop-out rate in the United States

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