Cereal Box Biography Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Cereal box biographies are a fun and creative alternative to traditional biographies. By creating a three-dimensional biography, students can think about how they present information in different ways.

Cereal Box Biographies

Many students feel that biographies are dry and dull. By asking students to create their biography in a unique format, it can help them engage with the material in a different way. Cereal box biographies add a three-dimensional aspect to the project and a chance for some fun and creative thinking. The following projects require the use of empty cereal boxes, glue/tape, paper, crayons, markers, the ability to print, and other basic craft supplies.

Cereal Box Biography Project Ideas

Create A Cereal Box Biography

Assign each student a person for their biography (more on these options below). Students will research the life of their subject, noting the dates of important events, fun facts, hobbies and interests, and personality traits. Students will then translate this into a cereal. On the front of their cereal box, students will include an image of their subject and the name of the cereal, which should include (or be a pun on) the subject's name. The sides and the back of the cereal box will contain the pertinent biographical information. For example, the ingredients/nutrition list could be a list of their personality traits (Optimism….95% daily recommended value). The cereal itself should also reflect the life of this person in some way (perhaps a peanut cereal for George Washington Carver). Encourage students to be as creative as possible when designing and decorating their cereal boxes. Also think about including the mention of a prize inside the box.

This project can be modified to fit into your class in many ways. For example, the subjects could all be figures from the colonial period if you're studying the American Revolution. If you want to do something for Black History Month, assign famous African-American figures from history or today. You can also make this a family history project in which students interview a family member, or something in which students interview and create biographies for each other. The cereal box biography can also feature fictional subjects from literature as a way to help your class engage with any books you're reading.

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