Characteristics of Learning Styles

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Laurie Smith
Some of us learn by seeing, others learn by doing, and some even learn by listening. This lesson provides an overview of learning styles, including characteristics of each type of learner.

What's a Learning Style?

Each of us is unique. We see things differently. We have our own opinions, our own personalities, even our own fingerprints. Just like our unique fingerprint, we all have a unique learning style. A learning style is a series of theories that explain the differences in our individual patterns of understanding information. We all learn differently, and we prefer information to be presented to us in a particular way - a way that makes it easiest for us to understand.

There are seven different types of learning styles. Each learning style is often referred to using different names. The seven learning styles include:

  • The visual or spatial learning style
  • The aural or auditory or musical learning style
  • The verbal or linguistic learning style
  • The physical or kinesthetic learning style
  • The logical or mathematical learning style
  • The social or interpersonal learning style
  • The solitary or intrapersonal learning style

While each of us learns in a combination of ways comprising of several different learning styles, we typically favor one style and may not use one or more styles at all. Each learning style is an individual way of learning with distinct characteristics that affect both learning and personality.

Characteristics of Learning Styles

Let's take a look at each individual learning style. As we review the different learning styles, reflect on your own behavior and try to determine what style best suits your learning preferences.

The Visual or Spatial Learner

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